Thursday, December 18, 2008

An Eco Note

Two other things rocked for me yesterday as well.

1. Our city now accepts all plastics #1-7! Due to the remodel we have had to resort to disposable plates and cups (just no room to store enough for the 4 of us). With the change in the acceptable plastics, we can now recycle all the cups and plates. Big high 5 for the City of Mesa!

2. The rain this morning refilled our rain barrels to capacity. We now have about 200 gallons of rainwater. Above photo is from this morning's storm. After about 5 minutes, this 55 gallon barrel was refilled (it was about 1/2 empty) and I had to close off the gutter. I wish I had more rain barrels!


photogmichelle said...

That is so awesome to hear about Mesa, we are Mesa too. Where did you see that, just so I can tell MIL and hubby. I am so happy it can't be contained.

Runningstitch said...

I read it on the city's website, under the recycling program. Yep, I am thrilled too. Now if we can just get styrofoam, we'll have everything!