Monday, December 29, 2008

Week in rewind

Christmas week has come and gone, and I'm feeling relieved and melancholic about that. I love the holidays, but the stress, especially this year, can get to me. I had a really great Christmas and got way more than I expected. One thing I did get was a brand new camera! Yay! Finally, no more sucky pictures. So here are a few pictures from this week:

Our stockings were all hung by the fire...

Christmas Eve dinner in our empty shell of a kitchen, trying to be as normal as possible!

Our Christmas tree in the family room.

Capturing the water vapor coming off the pool one very cold morning (we had below freezing temps)!

Fun with my new camera, a Nikon D80.

That's me racewalking at the track yesterday. Filming is courtesy of my 10yo son and his new video camera!

1 comment:

Tammy said...

Nice RW video! Looking good!

I had to laugh a bit at your "cold" temps. I confess I'm jealous. We're lucky when it's ABOVE freezing here in the winter. It's supposed to SNOW SNOW SNOW on Friday night right before our Team in Training Saturday workout. Sigh...

Enjoy the beautiful weather for me!