Friday, September 12, 2008

No sooner do I say it and it changes

The weather that is: after mentioning the lingering monsoon in yesterday's post, we had a dust storm/thunderstorm blow through yesterday from the west, changing the overall jetstream direction and, voila, dry and cool this morning. As in 69F cool at 6am!! Brrrrr! Well, not really brrrr, but very noticably cooler. We'll see how daytime temps are for this weekend with this drier air.

Made for a great workout this morning that's for sure. I completed my normal 3 mile route in 37:48 this morning. Not great time as far as past performances go, but good enough to be the fastest I've done this route since before I got sick in January! Wootness!

Tomorrow is a rest day, will enjoy the company of my knitting buddies in the morning and lots of homework in the afternoon.

And to keep with the thread line: My new shoes still haven't arrived yet. There. Now that I said it, maybe it will change!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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