Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A new home..

...for my blogging pursuits!! My yahoo page was just not doin' it for me, so here I am. So, here I plan on posting all things knitty, crochet-y, and racewalking-y. And maybe a few other things that happen to pique my interest as time goes by.
This week has been a re-grouping of sorts in my life. My kids will be out of school on Thursday, and all of us want to shed some pounds that have crept up on us over the course of the year. I've had to make some changes in our normal menu options and went grocery shopping to fill the fridge and pantry with more healthy, weight-conscience selections. At the same time, I was throwing away foods that no longer fit into the plan... yep, chips, cookies, it was all there. That's OK, I know we'll get to enjoy some of those things again. It's kind of refreshing in a way though, to throw off those old habits as I was throwing away the items. Kind of like when you started at a new school, or got a new haircut, or finally started wearing contacts and off came the glasses. A chance to re-invent yourself in a small but meaningful way. We should all do that every once in a while during our lives - re-invent a small part of ourselves to become more of what we envisioned ourselves to be, right? Knitting is a lot like that too. You start with a bunch of yarn (or just fiber if you spin it too) and you loop it a million times over to re-invent this jumble of string into something functional, beautiful.. just simply better than what it once was. The nice thing about knitting though, is you can frog the thing if you don't like how it works out!!!
Currently, I'm working on 2 different pairs of socks. The first is a pair for my mom, knitted with this fantastically hand-dyed yarn from the Plucky Knitter in a pattern from SWTC called Tidal Wave. I'm almost all the way down the leg. It's hibernating right now so that I can work on a pair of Detonators, the pattern from Sock Wars III. I purchased 2 skeins of Tofutsies for Sock Wars knowing full well I only need 1 for a pair of socks, but I had plans to do them 2 at a time on 2 circs. I did get to eliminate my target before I was eliminated, but had just a ton of this yarn leftover. So I cast on for a pair for myself, only they're more of a mini-me verion -- fewer repeats of the pattern on the leg. I'm almost done with those. I'll try to get some pictures up on my next post.

What's on your needles this week??? Anyone thinking about Christmas presents yet?? (Ack, did I really say that - Christmas?)

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